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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Graduate Degrees (Masters & PHDs)

    The English proficiency tests – TOEFL or IELTS are required from students who did their Bachelor’s degree at a non-English speaking university. The GRE or the GMAT may also be required depending on the course and the university. For Law school, the LSAT is required. For Medical School, the MCAT is required.

    There are a few search engines such as and, You can also check for guidance.

    The main source of funding for graduate studies is the universities themselves. Funding is usually obtained for PhD’s. However, you may also be able to find funding for Master’s degrees. Funding comes in the form of an assistantship, fellowship, or grants. You must check the universities to see if it offers funding and for which program. There may also be external scholarships and grants you can apply for.

    Undergraduate Studies (Bachelor’s degrees)

    The application process is very different to that of Europe or the UK. The first step in learning the procedures is to attend one of our online information sessions. See (under ‘Announcements’) for information on the next upcoming session.

    There are different deadlines depending on the universities so you must check with each university. They can be as early as October 15 and as late as March 31st.

    Most U.S. universities will take a holistic view to evaluate a student’s application; it is not only school grades that count even though these are very important. You should check to see what types of scholarships or financial aid is available at each university.

    Each university will have their own requirements. However, in general, most universities will look at school grades, any required tests such as TOEFL or IELTS, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, jobs, recommendation letters, personal essays. is where you find the application for the SAT test.

    Not all U.S. colleges and universities require the SAT or ACT exam for admission. Some universities may not require them for admission but will require them for scholarships. It is best to check with university counselors or StudyUSA.

    Yes. Students from English speaking high schools can sometimes get a waiver for the test but it is best to take it. IELTS and other exams such as the Duolingo exam are also accepted at US universities. The websites for TOEFL and Duolingo are: and
    You can register through this website: This is a test that is just as widely accepted as the SAT. Students can choose one or the other.

    StudyUSA offers online test preparation courses for SAT. Please email or check this website for more information. For TOEFL, ACT and SAT there is also online preparation assistance on the tests’ relevant websites.