The United Celebral Palsy Associations of the United States are offering full time employment at their Hudson Valley facility in New York.  This is paid job and applicants should commit for 3 years.  All expenses are paid for visa documents.   There is a 400 Euro fee to apply to StudyUSA, who will assist you with visa procedures and correspond with the employer. Interested applicants should email us their C.V. at

Full job description here 

Interested in studying in the U.S, Canada or the Netherlands?   Call at 22669757 or email us at for a consultation.    You can also use our online calendar to book an appointment.   Please note the charge for a one hour consultation is 50 Euros.  In-depth advising packets are available for serious students.   We assist students throughout the entire year for students who choose the Silver, Gold, Platinum or athletic Scholarship packet.  For our 2021/2022 StudyUSA students, we have managed to obtain around 2.7 million dollars in scholarships from US universities!

How to Interview for UK and USA University Admissions

Personalized 3 session workshop with Anastasia Argyrou.  Click here to learn more about Anastasia.

Reserve your place now to be ready for upcoming university admissions!

Email: for more information.  

If you want to study in the Fall of 2023, please don’t wait any longer, get in touch to see how we can help you with your applications.  You can also read about our advising packets under the advising section.

Interested in work experience in the US or Europe?  Paid jobs in hospitality fields, business fields and more.  

For hospitality Fields, please email us at for current available positions.

For the Manhattan Institute of Management’s business diplomas and work experience, click here.  For Internships and Training in Business field and others either in the US or in Europe, please click here for more information. 

Admission Tests

You may be required to take some exams, such as the TOEFL, SAT OR ACT, GRE or GMAT in order to study in the U.S. and this will depend on your background, the area and level of studies and the colleges and universities you plan to apply to.

Advising Services

The main mission of StudyUSA is to assist students with genuine interest in studying in the U.S. We offer very affordable in-depth advising packets based on the needs of each family. One time, one to one consultations are available also, both in-person and on-line.


Our StudyUSA advisers can help students identify colleges and universities with scholarship opportunities. We have experience with Cypriot and international students and also U.S. citizens. Come and join our StudyUSA Program and we will work with you throughout the application process to help you identify universities that may offer you a scholarship. Each year, our students receive scholarships from U.S. universities ranging from $5,000 to $45,000 per year. Scholarships are usually renewable for the four years of study providing the student is progressing well at the university and maintains a decent grade point average.

Work & Travel / Canadian & Dutch Universities

For students studying in Cypriot and Greek universities interested in the Work & Travel program, or the Internship program, or for students interested in Canadian & Dutch universities, please visit

U.S. or Canadian University representatives are welcome to contact us for possible collaboration or assistance in getting in touch with local high schools. StudyUSA is a private organization but has a long history of working with the U.S. Department of State as EducationUSA advisers and is very well connected with both public and private high schools in Cyprus.

Universities we work with

What Our Students Have to Say

Anna, thank you for your advice. It's week 4 where I am and I LOVE it here!! Everyone here is so friendly and I am having so much fun. Thank you so much for all your help - I couldn't have done it without you!
Stephanos Kyprianou
Chapman University, California 2021
Thank you Ms Anna for helping me achieve my goals and navigate life as a US student. My experience has been amazing so far, I have made so many new friends and I’m so grateful for all your help!
Nefeli Hadjipitta
Roosevelt University, Illinois
Anna Argyrou was a truly amazing counselor to our son and equally helpful to us. We are very proud of Stathis for all the admissions he has received so far and the scholarships he has been offered. We are grateful to Anna for helping him throughout this exciting journey. She has been a reliable, wise, consistent, proactive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, constant presence for all the family during the applications effort.

"Thank you Anna for giving Stathis the tools to push himself further and higher".
Stavros & Despo
Parents of Class 2026 student
We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Anna. We would highly recommend her for any family needing assistance in choosing U.S universities and assisting with U.S university applications for their children. She has been helpful during the whole process and we thank her for that.
Iacovos Charalambous
Father of George Charalambous - St. Lawrence University New York, class of 2025
In a year of uncertainty, with the outspread of the pandemic, in addition to the fact that I had to complete my service in the military, StudyUSA, and especially Ms. Argyrou actively stood by my side daily and ensured that the applications were made appropriately, resulting in making my dream of studying in the US come true.
George Charalambous
St. Lawrence University, New York, class 2025
Being a Senior here at Gannon University, has not only made me grow as an individual, but also as a future professional. Through Gannon, I had the opportunity to meet several professionals in the field of Law Enforcement, from Secret Service agents to ATF and FBI agents. What I find fascinating about the Criminal Justice program here at Gannon, is that our learning does not come from textbooks, but from our professors’ past experiences in the field, since they are all former law enforcement agents. Even after I graduate, Gannon will always be my home. It provided me with so many opportunities, first being a long-lasting education.
Elina Panayides
Gannon University, Class of 2022